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Message From The CEO 2019-04-22T14:15:20+03:00

    We, as employees of 4A Electrical and Electronics Technology Industry Inc. Co., consider generating innovative technologies and intelligent engineering solutions for Energy sector for our country and for the world as our mission. 4A Electrical was founded in 2005 in Istanbul, Turkey by a group of engineers gathered around this mission. Together with the professionals who has the same goals and values joined us since 4A
Electrical was founded, We have celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2015 with the pride of completing many successfully projects in dozens of countries.
4A Electrical has managed to attract the attention and make a difference in energy sector by bringing different perspectives to traditional practices and implementing practices pioneering new technologies. Apart from projects in electricity transmission, generation and distribution systems, 4A Electrical has successfully realized different critical solutions in infrastructure and in the industry with detailed engineering approach. We are also implementing our understanding of innovative technologies and intelligent engineering in the field of product sales, manufacturing, turnkey projects, training and consultancy services in a solution-oriented
Hence success depends on the quality and the permanency of the services provided, human factor is the basis of our quality policy and our vision. 4A Electrical offers its employees healthy, delighted and a friendly working environment. Honesty and sincerity are fundamental values at 4A Electrical. Likewise, in the heart of our customer relationships lies honesty, sincere communication and understanding in addition to our resultoriented approach.
As all 4A Electrical employees, we will continue our way, keeping in mind that “human” is the most important value that will lead us to the pleasure of bringing innovative technologies and intelligent solutions in the energy sector.