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Training & Consultancy Services

4A ELEKTRIK provides training and consulting services to customers as a result of its highly technical capabilities and continuous internal training programs. Has an array of training services from plant studies, feasibility studies to operator and operations training.

Some major subjects in this field are:


  • General plant design consultancy
  • Equipment selection and dimensioning
  • Plant optimization
  • Administrative and regulatory consultancy
  • Power plant investment consultancy
  • Technological system consultancy
  • Technical specification preparation services
  • Supply chain and purchasing consultancy
  • Representation services for investors
  • Innovative technologies consultancy for Utilities
  • Renewable energy technologies technology

Training Services:

  • Power system analysis and studies
  • Protection systems
  • Transformer substation automation and SCADA systems
  • Communication systems
  • Digital communication protocols and basis
  • Generator protection and synchronization systems
  • Generator excitation systems
  • Operation and operator training
  • Periodical personnel training for utilities
  • International training organizations
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