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Occupational Health and Safety Environmental and Quality Management System Policy

As 4A ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY SAN A.S., we are committed to fulfilling our responsibilities to customers and solution partners with industry experience in the products and services we provide in the Energy Sector, and to comply with national/international legal obligations. Within the framework of this commitment, it adopts the integrated management system it has established as the main principle of developing and maintaining it together with its employees.


Customer Focus

  • To understand customer requests and needs, to produce engineering solutions specific to the need,
  • To ensure the continuity of the quality of the products and services it provides,
  • To plan activities that increase customer satisfaction, taking into account customer feedback.

Employee Focus


  • Senior management acting with the principle of investment in its employee; To keep the communication channels open for solution partners, employees and employee representatives to participate in the system,
  • To analyze health, safety and environmental conditions in working environments where processes are processed and to plan proactive solutions,
  • To examine, evaluate and manage occupational accidents and occupational diseases that may arise from their activities with a risk-oriented view and to keep OHS practices that can manage risks at the highest level,
  • To allocate resources to ensure the training, motivation and skill development of our employees, our employee representatives, to ensure that they participate in the system on Quality, OHS and Environment issue .

Environmental Awareness

  • To prevent pollution by managing the negative effects and environmental dimensions we give to the environment due to our products and services,
  • To protect the environment and energy sources by continuously reducing natural resource consumption,
  • To discuss and examine the negative environmental effects arising from its activities with life cycle philosophy when addressing engineering solutions in new investments and projects,
  • To encourage the participation of the stakeholders with whom he interacts, especially his employees, in the social responsibility projects he does and will do.

Sensitivity to Information Security

  • To protect the personal data of both employees and stakeholders with a system based on privacy policy and to ensure the security of information,
  • To establish the necessary technological infrastructure for data security and to ensure its continuity,
  • To ensure the maintenance and improvement of the information system.